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A Frozen War Double Coloured Vinyl Gatefold LP with 30 x 20 poster

Double LP $32.00

Release Date: 11/12/2020

Discs: 2

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LP 1
Nightmare of My Dreams
Future History
Eternal life
A Frozen War
Another Year

These tracks are ONLY available as disc 2 on the Vinyl version of DarWin 2 : A Frozen War

This unplugged album features exclusive versions of tracks off both DarWin albums.

Highlights include atmospheric orchestral versions of Escape The Maze, Forever, and Nightmare of My Dreams, and intimate bass and vocal takes on Slowly Melting and One Horizon.

LP 2 (Exclusive Tracks )
Escape the Maze (orchestral)
Last Chance
Nightmare of My Dreams (orchetra)
Slowly Melting (unplugged)
One Horizon